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Night flight course


The night flight course objective is to acquire the knowledge and flight expertise necessary to pilot airplanes safely during the night.

This course is interesting for private pilots who wish to be able to fly at night, and also to the pilots who want to obtain the instrument flight rating IR(A) or the basic instrument flight rating BIR without restrictions. It is also a requirement to obtain the Commercial Pilot license CPL(A) to work professionally as an airplane pilot.

The course can be started at any time and can be adapted to the student availability. This course has a theoretical part and a flight training part:


Theoretical part

The training provided during the course covers the official program, offering the chance to attend individual classes. The syllabus is divided into five subjects: Air law, Aircraft general knowledge, Human performance, Meteorology and Navigation.

The lessons can be taken in our Salt facilities, or by videoconference, via virtual classroom, where you can participate from your own home and no longer have to come to Salt, on schedule to be agreed.

Flight training

A minimum of five flight sessions of a minimum duration of one hour each one must be made.


Must have at least an airplane Private Pilot License with a valid SEP(land) rating.

A valid aviation medical certificate class 1 or class 2 with safe colors vision is required. This certificate is obtained through a licensed medical facility. In Girona you can find Servi-Trafic

Price and enrollment

The full course has a total price of 1.890,00€ with everything included (flight training, theory, landing fees and AESA fees). Registration to the night flight rating course by filling in the form.

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