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Airplane Private Pilot course PPL(A)


The private aircraft pilot course is aimed at people without prior aeronautical experience and who wish to obtain a license that allows the pilot to act without retribution as commander in airplanes employed on unpaid flights, that is, leisure, sports, vacation or personal displacement, with family or friends, or a simple air ride, which do not involve a commercial activity.

It is also the first step in the Professional Pilot career. Once you have got the Private Pilot License, you may continue with the courses of Airline Transport Pilot course.

This course has a theoretical part and a flight training part


Theoretical part

The training provided during the course covers the official program, offering the chance to attend individual classes. The syllabus is divided into nine subjects: Air law, Aircraft general knowledge, Performance and Flight Planning, Human Factors, Meteorology, Navigation, Operational Procedures, Flight Principles and Communications.
This theoretical part can be done in an airplane Private Pilot distance theoretical course online.

Flight training

A minimum of 45 hours must be completed in real flight, which will be distributed with normal operations, preflight, taxi, cruise, takeoff, landing, navigation, maneuvering, emergency operations and radio communications, including always before each flight preparation and calculation of it.


The minimum age to start the course is 16 years old, but must have 17 years old before the final exams. There is no maximum age for the Private Pilot course.

Paternal authorization is needed for minor students.

Must have a valid aviation medical certificate class 1 or class 2. This certificate is obtained through a licensed medical facility. In Girona you can find Servi-Trafic

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