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There are two different profiles of Pilots in aviation, non-professionals who practice flying as a hobby, without performing aerial work paid, and the professionals who fly professionally engaged in any type of aircraft.



Private Pilot (PPL) is the initial license to enter the world of aviation. If you are looking to enjoy the pleasure of flying, alone or accompanied, Private Pilot License (PPL)is more than enough. May choose to fly any single-engine aircraft, as long as the flight is conducted in a non-paid enviroment. The pilot sports or recreational (not professional) may require flying in conditions different from a simple pleasure flight, such as personal travel needs, leisure, family, etc., so that the license extension can improve your possibilities. You can make a specialization for flight in bad weather or at night (Instrumental Rating IR) and an extension of the license for aircraft with more than one engine, known as multi-engine aircraft (Multi-engine Rating MEP) to qualify to fly more advanced aircraft.


If what you want is to make the passion for flying a way of life, a Professional Pilot career is the right choice. Piloting airliners, Air cargo transport, organ transplants, air ambulance, private jets for air taxi, aerial spraying, fighting forest fires, banner advertising, instruction, etc. The Comercial Pilot License (CPL) with Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) extension, is the basis to enter today's workplace. Normally the Professional Pilot will face in their day to day with the most variable conditions, specialization in Instrument Flight (IR) is almost essential, as well as the need to fly different aircraft types including the most advanced multi-engine so Multi-engine rating (MEP) is indispensable in order to become a professional.
All the trining process is done by modular courses.

Schematic of the modular airplane pilot training

Schematic of the modular airplane pilot training

Airplane Pilot training starts with the Private Pilot License obtention. To become a professional Pilot, all subsequent modular courses must be taken, either continuously or separated by parts.

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