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Aeronautical weather


This section shows the meteorological information that is used in the practice of students in the pilot school at our center during training, so it may not be current and should be used at your own risk. AERBRAVA is not responsible for its use.




Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya


LEGE 102000Z 00000KT 0800 R19/0450D R01/0800U FG VV007 09/08 Q1021
LEGE 101930Z 00000KT 3000 BR NSC 11/10 Q1021
LEGE 101900Z 00000KT 7000 NSC 11/10 Q1021
LEGE 101830Z 14002KT CAVOK 11/11 Q1020
LEGE 101800Z 21002KT CAVOK 11/11 Q1021
LEGE 101730Z 21002KT CAVOK 13/12 Q1020
LEGE 101700Z 21003KT 170V260 CAVOK 13/12 Q1020
LEGE 101630Z 21005KT 160V250 CAVOK 14/12 Q1020
LEGE 101600Z 22008KT 190V260 9999 FEW020 14/12 Q1020
LEGE 101530Z 21007KT 190V250 9999 FEW020 15/12 Q1020
LEGE 101500Z 20009KT 9999 FEW020 16/12 Q1020
LEGE 101430Z 20009KT 9999 FEW020 16/12 Q1020

TAF LEGE 101700Z 1018/1118 VRB03KT 9999 FEW040 TX21/1113Z TN06/1106Z
TEMPO 1018/1108 2000 BR BKN004
TEMPO 1019/1104 0350 FG VV002
TEMPO 1100/1103 27010KT

Aviation Weather

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