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Aerbrava - PBN - Performance based navigation

PBN - Performance based navigation course


PBN course for the instrumental flight rating IR extension. The objective is to prepare the IR rating holders in relation to achieve the training, support and legal permission to perform PBN flights and approaches.

From August 25th, 2020, a Pilot with an instrument flight rating IR, will not be able to exercise this rating privileges, unless he has successfully completed the PBN course - Performance Based Navigation.

Prerequisites are to have an instrument flight rating IR(A), a current medical certificate and a valid language proficiency of at least level 4.

This course can be started at any time and it can be adapted to the student’s availability.


Theoretical part

The course training covers the official program, and is divided in two modules.

The first module includes distance learning through the web platform. The approximate duration is about 3 days, depending on the time that can be dedicated to it. It’s price is 178,00€, includes the application access license for 1 month, support and inquiries by phone or by email preferably.

The second module consists in a minimum of 2 hours face-to-face classes, at our facilities in Salt, to answer questions, review subjects and prepare for the final exam. The price of this second module is 66,00€.

Registration to this course should be done by filling out the corresponding form.

Practical part

A minimum of 5 LNAV-LNAV / VNAV-LP-LPV approaches must be made, which are spread over two flights.

Flight practices are done with Garmin avionics system G1000.

To finish, a final flight is made with an examiner to take the final flight test and certification.

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