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Distance Airline Transport Pilot training course ATPL(A) - Online

Distance Airline Transport Pilot training course ATPL(A)


At Aerbrava we will work together to help on the airplane pilot training and satisfactorily pass the official exams.

Airline Transport Pilot training course at any time, only the airplane Private Pilot License is needed.

It is a theoretical course which the theoretical part of the commercial aircraft pilot courses and the IR(A) instrument flight rating are covered and validated as part of the modular training. It includes the totality of the official program being able to conveniently perform most of the course with the support of specialized technical personnel, available to address doubts via mail or telephone. This course combines distance learning with face-to-face classes.

Credits by experience can apply, validating part of the course to CPL license and / or IR rating holders.


Course content

This only a theory course. The training that is taught during the course covers the official program. The agenda is divided into nine subjects: Aerial Regulation, General Knowledge of the Aircraft, Performance and Flight Planning, Human Factors, Meteorology, Navigation, Operational Procedures, Flight Principles and Communications. There are fourteen final exams because some subjects are divided into several parts.

The duration of the online course is approximately between nine and eighteen months.

Once the distance training is finished, face-to-face classes are organized, in our Salt facilities, or by videoconference, to clarify possible doubts, review and verify that the appropriate learning level has been reached before doing the final exams.

Online course material

The material used during the distance theoretical course consists of a book for each subject and digital support that contains the same as the books expanded with images, animations, videos, etc. The software also includes test exams and continued tracking of the course. This software does not need to be continuously connected to the Internet, only to update the data. It can be installed on a laptop and an iPad to use it where it is convenient.

The course includes free access for one year to a extensive test database (online Question Bank) similar to the final exams, being able to practice.


The aspirant must have, at least, a Private Pilot License PPL (A).

An access test must be carried out to demonstrate a sufficient theoretical knowledge level to adequately understand the contents of training to be received. The online distance training first chapter covers a review of this required theoretical knowledge, before the test is taken.

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Prices and enrollment

Basic course: 2.950,00€, includes the software application with all the subjects, tests database access and face to face classes. Books and official exam fees, not included. Basic course enrollment filling out form.

Full course 4.070,00€, includes the books and the software application with all the subjects, tests database access and face to face classes. Official exam fees, not included. Full course enrollment filling out form.

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