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Flight instrument rating course


The IFR instrumental flight rating course is an extension or improvement course for both the Private Pilot and the Commercial Aircraft Pilot Licenses. Previous aeronautical experience is required, and a Private Pilot or Commercial Airplane Pilot license. With this rating, it is possible to fly in conditions of low visibility and inside clouds at the controls of any aircraft prepared for it.

This course can be started at any time and it can be adapted to the student's availability.


Theoreticla part

The theoretical part will be validated if the student has completed the theoretical Airline Transport Pilot tests.

Parte práctica

A minimum of 50 hours must be completed in real flight, which will be divided into normal pre-flight operations, taxiing, cruising, takeoff, landing, navigation, maneuvers, emergency operations and radio communications, always including before each flight, the preparation and calculation of all the items needed.


Must be in possession of a class 1 or class 2 aeronautical medical certificate with valid audiometry. This certificate is obtained through an authorized medical center.

English procifiency of at least level 4 according to ICAO, is required.

The applicant must have completed at least 50 flight hours as pilot in command in cross country flights.

Have passed the IR (A) or ATPL (A) theory exams.

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