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Pilot License

Examinations, renewals and proficiency checks

A rating is a license endorsement, that establishes special conditions, privileges or limitations on such license.

All pilot ratings have a limited validity, and each, in turn, has a specific procedure to keep it in force.

AERBRAVA has its own examiner to make proficiency checks and / or skill test, both for the obtention, revalidation or renewal of the ratings.

To make a proficiency check you can hire a pack examination that includes examiner and airplane, or the applicant may hire only the examiner and provide the aircraft. In the latter case, the airplane must be able to make the verify, and insurance of the aircraft must cover the realization of flight tests.

As for obtaining ratings, skill tests can only be made externally, as it is not permissible for an examiner to evaluate their own students, or those of their same school.

Periods of validity of some of the most common ratings

Class Ratings

Single-engine piston land SEP (land)

Multi-engine piston land MEP (land)

Validity period

24 months

12 months

Ratings by type of flight

Instrumental Rating IR

Validity period

12 months

Instructor ratings

Flight Instructor rating FI

Class rating instructor CRI

Instrumental Rating Instructor IRI

Validity period

36 months

36 months

36 months

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