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The desired License and rating can be obtained doing a series of modular courses. The training always starts with the Private Pilot Course (PPL), obtaining the Private Pilot License (PPL) with single-engine airplane rating.
To work professionally as an airplane pilot, the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) must be finished. On the way, to get the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) , you have to complete a series of modules or courses, depending on the desired ratings.
If all modules are completed, the necessary qualifications to work as an Airline Pilot courses, covered in this courses, would be obtained.
Once the Private Pilot (PPL) course in completed and the license has been obtained, the theoretical Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) course can be initiated, this course can be completed in presentially in classroom or as distance semipresential learning and cheaper.
The Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) course can be done simultaneously with the hour building process to adquire the flight experience needed to start the following flight courses .
When the Airline Transpor Pilot (ATPL) final examination course has been passed and the flying hour building has been completed, the training may progress thru the multiengine airplane (ME) rating course, continue with the following courses and fly in airplanes with more than one engine.
Then you can complete the intrument flight (IR) rating, which will allow to fly the aircraft solely by reference to flight instruments, ie no external visibility.
Finally, with the Commercial Pilot (CPL) course finished, thereby obtaining what is known as "Frozen ATPL" which includes the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) with instrument flight (IR) and multiengine (ME) rating, with the certificate of theoretical Pilot Airline Transport.
It is possible to make different combinations, the courses can be done in a single block or separately, such as obtaining the Private Pilot License (PPL) with the multiengine (ME) or the instrument flight (IR) rating, or both. Check with us any possibility that can be of your interest and we will give you a personalized answer.

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