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Aerbrava - Student visa

Student visa


Depending on the country of origin, it may be necessary to obtain a student visa. Here you can check the official information.


In the country of origin

To obtain a student visa, the first step is to go to the embassy or consulate of your country of origin, where you will need at least the following documentation:
-Certificate of enrollment in the center of training.
-Private health insurance.
-Proof of having sufficient financial resources to complete the training.
-Criminal record.
-Medical certificate.
-Valid passport.
-Birth certificate.
-Fill in form and pay the fee shown on this page.

Once you have arrived

Obtain the foreign student card. For this you must go to an immigration office or a police station. Fingerprints are taken there and the following documentation must be presented:
-A recent passport photo, in color and white background.
-Proof of payment of the fee.
-The application.

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