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FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions about airplane Pilot training.


Q- At what age can become a pilot?
A- At 16 years old you can start the Private Pilot course module, but you must be 17 years old before the final skill test fligt.

Q- Do I need high school education or other qualifications?
A- No, it is highly recommended but not required. The branch of science / technology is more suitable to studies in the pilot course.

Q- Which score do I need to acces the Pilot courses?
A- There is no score or average grade required. You only need to pass an entrance test at our school to verify that you have sufficient level to continue the courses.

Q- How long does it take to complete the Professional Pilot courses?
A- It takes to one and half to two years, to complete all necessary modules for the professional pilot license, at a mean performing, extending a little more in case of failing the exams during the course. This time can be extended in case of combining the pilot courses with work or other studies.

Q- What is the price for the Airline Pilot course?
A- The course fees vary depending on fuel prices. To know the price at any time please contact us.

Q- Which license is required to carry passengers, the Commercial Pilot or Airline Transport Pilot?
A- The airplanes can be flown with the Commercial Pilot Licence as Captain in airplanes certificated to fly single pilot and co-pilot in airplanes certificated to fly with two pilots. To act as Captain of an aircraft certified to fly with two pilots, one must be in possession of Airline Transport Pilot Licenset. There are no special requirements if the aircraft is carrying passengers or not.

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