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Aerbrava - Official distance radiotelephony course

Official distance radiotelephony course


The radiotelephony course for RPA Pilots at Aerbrava, is the one necessary to comply with article 33.1 letter e) of Royal Decree 1036/2017 of December 15 29 / pdfs / BOE-A-2017-15721.pdf, necessary for flights within controlled airspace.

This course is approved by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA). Currently, we are the only school (ATO) in the Province of Girona approved to offer these courses.

To meet the requirements, the UAV pilot radiotelephony course is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. After each part there is an aptitude test.


Rradiotelephony course theory

The theoretical radiotelephony distance course for drone pilots combines distance learning and classroom work. So it is divided into two phases:

-The first phase, is distance training through access to the web application. It is made up of the 5 official themes, divided into various lessons and levels of learning. The approximate duration is 3 days.

The first phase course price is 152,00€. It includes online training, consultations, and the license to access the computer application course for one month.

-The second phase, consists of face-to-face classes at our facilities in Salt, where what is seen in the online training phase is reviewed, doubts are reviewed and the preparation for the official final exam takes place, which is done once classes are over.

The second phase course price is 104,00€. Includes face-to-face training and final exam.

The course can be started whenever you want, at any time.

Registration to this course should be done by filling out the corresponding form.

Radiotelephony practical training

The radiotelephony course practices for Pilots of remotely piloted aircraft are always face-to-face.

In this part the communication techniques learned in the theoretical part are practiced.

At the end of the training, a practical exam is carried out in which the ability to correctly apply the techniques of microphone, transmission and collation of messages must be demonstrated.

Radiotelophony training is also carried out at our Salt facilities.

The radiotelephony practical training total price is 156,00€. Practical training and final practical exam are included.

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